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About Us

Technotape International is wholesaler of unique blank and personalized products. We’re proud to serve an array of customers worldwide, from companies with a high volume and distributers to the individual end-users. Because our collection keeps on growing, we keep surprising you and you can respond to the latest trends.

We work with the newest technology and software. And we’ll keep doing so. We strive to always continue to improve our processes in order to guarantee you the best product availability, an easy order process and efficient logistics. Because as our customer, you are our number 1 priority. In addition to that, we find it is important to continue to build on our customer relationship. Only then, do we fully understand your needs and are able to cater directly to you.

We’re different than most in market. Once, we’re customer focused, we are innovative and ambitious. Because we’re always looking for the best solutions, we also have the ability and resources to develop products at our facility. Such as our high quality and efficient 3D oven and the revolutionary TURBO wrapper. We are able to develop and manufacture these products based on customer feedback. We strive to support your business by helping you personalize products in a fast, easy, and enjoyable way.

Our organization structure makes it easy for us to turn your specific ideas into a reality. Do you have feedback on how we can improve our products? Please, share it with us! Because with your experience and our knowledge we can develop new personalized products. We’d love to cooperate with you.

More information
Would you like to know more about Technotape International? Or are you curious about our extensive collection of products? Feel free to contact us: +1 (260) 408-8211. You can reach us from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.