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TURBO Clamp - for barcode

For TURBO wrapper, 15oz Mugs
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TURBO clamp 15oz - for barcode The TURBO clamp keeps the... more
TURBO clamp 15oz - for barcode

The TURBO clamp keeps the ”/129/TURBO-wrap-suitable-for-barcode/MUG.WRA.TUR.003?c=643” target="_blank">TURBO wrap closed properly throughout the sublimation process. The clamp and wrap together, maintain the alignment and placement of sublimation paper onto the mug during the sublimation process.

This clamp is a bit longer than the regular clamps. It was redesigned to provide you with the option of using a barcode on your sublimation paper to properly keep track and identify the different orders or mugs you are producing. This will allow you to produce larger quantities and easily track the final destination.

Searching for a way to work even faster and easier? Use this clamp and the wrap with the ”/1448/TURBO-wrapper-15oz-Mugs/MUG.WRA.TUR.15B?c=643” target="_blank">TURBO wrapper. Using these tools will give you the ability to prepare mugs faster and easier than ever before.

  • 10 TURBO clamps
  • 1 year factory warranty
Number per package: 10
Number per box: 10
Order per: 10