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Technotape is a wholesale sublimation supplier

One of world's largest sublimation wholesalers with headquarters in Europe and North America is located in the United States, Fort Wayne - Technotape LLC. Once started as a wholesaler in photolab & minilab and since 2010 developed into a sublimation expert. Technotape is a forerunner of sublimation hardware, paper, ink, 3d sublimation and blank products. Together with years of loyal customers - from high volume distributors to individual end users - we grow the supply and demand within the sublimation market every year.

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11oz White Mug 
White Ceramic

11oz Mug 
Inside & Handle Colored 

15" Laptop Sleeve 
Polylinen with Soft Lining 

17oz Water Bottle
White Stainless Steel

Tin Round
With Aluminium Sheet

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11oz White Mug

11oz Colored Mug

15" Laptop Sleeve

17oz Water Bottle

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White Mug

Colored Mug

15" Sleeve


These glass photo panels are not made of regular glass, but a new innovative material. It is the world’s lightest quality photo glass and is super strong. The ultra-thin photo panel has a thickness of only a few millimeter, yet it can take some roughing around!

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  • What is sublimation?

    Sublimation is a digital printing technique used to decorate various products and materials that are polymer coated.

    But how exactly does that work and what can you do with it? 

  • How does sublimation work?

    Sublimation is a unique chemical process that it transitions from the solid phase to a gaseous phase under the right heat and pressure without passing through the liquid phase.

    You can only sublimate products that are made of polyester or have a polymer coating.

    Once the polyester is heat activated, the ink which is made of a special dye, has the ability to adhere on a molecular level to the polyester, making the images permanent 

  • Sublimation step by step

    Step 1

    Print your design with special sublimation printer and ink on sublimation transfer paper. 

    Depending on the blank product you will decorate, you will have to mirror image the graphic. 

    The ink is temporarily absorbed by the micro porous coating on the sublimation transfer paper. Once it is dried, the image can be heat applied to your blank polyester coated product.

  • Sublimation step by step

    Step 2

    Select the blank item you want to decorate. 

    Sublimation items can be made of many different materials, such as ceramic, glass, and stainless steel.

    These items are provided with a polymer coating. Unless the item is made of polyester, such as phone cases, polyester fabrics, and lunch boxes.

  • Sublimation step by step

    Step 3

    Using heat resistant tape, affix the printed design with the image side to the product, and place it in the mugpress or flat heatpress. 

    The press provides the heat and pressure needed for the sublimation process to take place. Under the heat press two things are happening, the polyester is being activated to open and receive the ink, while the ink turns into a gas adhering to the polymer pores.

    As soon as you cool the product, the polymer pores "close" permanently sealing the image into the product. It is important that you set the correct temperature, pressure, and time based on the item that you will decorate.

    To obtain the best results, be sure to have the right settings on your heat press.

  • The final result?

    It is razor-sharp, photo-realistic prints that are permanently bonded in the sub-surface of the product.

    An item that has been sublimated, the image will not fade, scratch, crack, or peel and it is wash resistant!

    It’s extremely sustainable digital printing process to create many products that can be used time and time again! 

  • Can Technotape guide me?

    Yes! Technotape is a sublimation wholesaler in both Europe and the US and we are happy to help you.

    Feel free to contact us for questions, and personal advice!

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