Printing mugs faster and easier with the TURBO wrapper

By Valerie van der Klift | Last updated 27 October 2022

"The TURBO wrapper is an indispensable system when you personalize or print mugs. Because it is practical, lightning fast and, sustainable. With the TURBO wrapper, your mug is ready for printing in just 15 seconds. Read this article to find out how. "

Photo mugs and personalised mugs are extremely popular. You may already have photo mugs in your range, or you are considering this. However, if you have experience printing mugs, you know that both positioning and fixing the design on the mug can be a time-consuming job. Especially, if you have a somewhat larger mug production. But, with the TURBO wrapper you can prepare mugs for the printing process in no time!

What is the TURBO wrapper?

The TURBO wrapper is a patented system, developed and produced by Technotape International. We were looking for a way to make mug printing easier and faster. So, you don't have to mess around with the printed design and heat-resistant tape anymore. Thanks to the TURBO wrapper, the printed design is always well positioned! And, there are more benefits.

All the benefits of the TURBO wrapper:

  • Ready within 15 seconds per mug
  • Made of durable materials, making it long lasting
  • You no longer need heat-resistant tape
  • The clamp provides a stable base during the printing process
  • Suitable for sublimation and other printing techniques
  • Suitable for mugs with a capacity of 11 to 15 oz
  • Also suitable for bottles, flower pots and other cylindrical items

Working with the TURBO wrapper, step by step

Using the TURBO wrapper is very easy. And you only need a few things:

Using the TURBO wrapper in 5 steps:
  1. Place the silicone TURBO wrap in the TURBO wrapper
  2. Place the printed design on the wrap, with the printed side up
  3. Place the mug
  4. Turn the handle half a turn
  5. Place the TURBO clamp
PS. Did you know that the TURBO wrapper hardly takes up space in your workplace? It is barely 1 m2!
Watch the video: optimize your workflow with the TURBO wrapper 

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