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Blog 5 Sublimatie Artikelen voor een Creatief Koningsdag Design

5 Sublimation Items for Creative King's Day Designs

It's that time again - King's Day is approaching, and the Netherlands is gearing up for a day full of festivities in honor of King Willem-Alexander. As a business, this is the perfect moment to expand your range with unique and custom-made King's Day items. In this blog, we explore some creative ideas to transform your sublimation items into festive and royal masterpieces. Let's discover together how you can enchant your customers with our King's Day collection.

Get to know our collection of transferpaper!

FOREVER offers many different types of transfer paper, as each is suitable for a different material. A large part is suitable as transfer paper for textiles. Laser Dark is suitable transfer paper for dark clothing, colored, and other black textile prints. With Laser-Transparency and Laser Light transfer paper, you can print on white and light-colored textiles. The Multi-Trans transfer paper allows you to print on smooth, hard materials such as pens, wood, metal, glass, etc. Multi-Trans PRO gives you the opportunity to print on rougher materials like wood, leather, cardboard, cork, etc.  

Please note! With FOREVER Transfer B-paper, you can print on various materials, but you need to combine it with A-Foil for sublimation. 

The difference between normal FOREVER transfer paper and No-Cut is that No-Cut transfer paper from Subli-Flex is easier to use. This is because you don't need to plot or weed the design before and after the sublimation process. 

Hot stamping foil: Hot stamping foil can be considered a finishing layer. You apply it to a sublimation print you've already created using Flex-Soft transfer paper to give it a silver glitter finish, for example. You place the hot stamping foil on the print, press it with the heat pres, and then remove the foil. Now the print has a beautiful sparkling finish! We also offer gold glitter, matte finish, and rainbow hot stamping foils.