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Sublimation Wall Art & Signage: Transform Every Space with Vibrant Designs

Elevate any space with our Sublimation Wall Art & Signage collection, featuring top-quality products from ChromaLuxe. Choose from sleek aluminium, elegant glass, rustic wooden photo panels, and versatile sheet stock, all offering vibrant colors and exceptional durability. Perfect for homes, offices, or commercial spaces, these high-definition prints will captivate and inspire.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To sublimate a photo panel, ensure you have a sublimation printer, compatible ink, and transfer paper. Print your design mirrored on the paper, place it on the panel, and heat press at the recommended temperature and time.

High-quality photo panels offer vibrant colors, durability, and a professional finish, making them ideal for showcasing artwork, photos, and signage with exceptional clarity and longevity.

You can access the ChromaLuxe resource portal here to download guides, templates, and instructional videos for using photo panels in your projects.

We offer a variety of photo panels including aluminium, wooden, and glass options. Aluminium panels are sleek and modern, ideal for vivid color reproduction. Wooden panels provide a warm, natural aesthetic suitable for personalized gifts and rustic decor. Glass panels offer a contemporary look, enhancing transparency and light reflection in your artwork or photography.

Yes, we offer a special collection of outdoor photo panels designed specifically for durability and weather resistance. These panels are UV-resistant and weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor signage, advertising, and public art installations.

We recommend using a sublimation printer and compatible paper for best results. Sublimation ink and paper are formulated to bond with the panel's coating, ensuring vibrant and durable prints that last over time.

Downloads for Wall Arts & Signage


  • ChromaLuxe_Digital_Catalog_05.24
    (25.36 MiB)
  • ChromaLuxe_TimeTable_Wood_SEFA_SLIDE1285
    (181.56 KiB)

Safety Reports

  • ChromaLuxe_Safety_Data_Sheet_Aluminum
    (191.87 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe_Safety_Data_Sheet_MDF
    (230.74 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe_Safety_Data_Sheet_Natural_Wood
    (83.1 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe_Safety_Data_Sheet_Steel
    (215.77 KiB)


  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Aluminum.030
    (426.77 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Aluminum.045
    (426.42 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_FRP
    (296.11 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Hardboard_Erase
    (316.39 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Hardboard_Photo
    (315.92 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_MDFMaple
    (394.81 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_MDFWhiteBase
    (395.11 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_MRMDF-1-1
    (226.67 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Steel
    (857.22 KiB)
  • ChromaLuxe-SpecSheet_Textured
    (438.61 KiB)

Many more downloads are available in the ChromaLuxe Portal ➜

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Mix & match high-quality ChromaLuxe photo panels for the wall

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More About our Photo Panels

Explore the versatility and quality of our photo panels. ChromaLuxe Aluminium Photo Panels offer a sleek, modern look with brilliant color reproduction, perfect for home decor, office art, and commercial signage.

Enhance your space with our Glass Photo Panels, known for their exceptional clarity and durability. These panels provide an elegant display that enhances the depth and color of your photos.

For a rustic touch, discover our ChromaLuxe Wooden Photo Panels and unique art pieces. These panels add warmth and character, ideal for personalized gifts or unique decor.

Additionally, our Sheet Stocks offer flexible options for various creative projects, from custom photo prints to signage.

Ready to take your decor outdoors? Check out our Outdoor Photo Panels for weatherproof and UV-resistant solutions.

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