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    Photo Products

    With photo products you can make unique, personalized items in an instant! That is why you will find photo products on this page that you can easily personalize. Such as charm bracelets, buttons and rosettes. But also the classic snow globe in different colors, shapes and sizes. You will also find equipment with which you accelerate and facilitate the production process! Such as the button machine and cutting machine.

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Everything for unique photo products

Technotape International is the wholesaler with a wide range of photo fun products. For all these products you need little or no equipment. So you can start personalizing products easily and quickly with a minimal investment!

Photo snow globe

The photo snow globe is a classic that remains popular! At Technotape you will find snow globes in different colours, shapes and themes. For example, a round snow globe with white snow glitter, lavender glitter or red hearts. There is also a snow globe with baby blue or baby pink glitter. With a baby photo in it, it's a nice, personal gift! You will also find flower-shaped, heart-shaped and square snow globes here.

Buttons and rosettes

At Technotape you will also find all kinds of buttons and rosettes that you can personalize, and the equipment you need for this. In addition to the buttons, there are also various articles with a button. Such as a clock, mirror with stand, bottle opener, keychain and magnet.

To make buttons faster and easier, you will find both a handy circle cutter and a cutting machine here. And of course a button machine. The corresponding production molds are available separately in various sizes.