• 3D Sublimation

    3D Sublimation

    With 3D sublimation you are able to personalize products on all sides. Some examples of items that can be sublimated via 3D is our tablet and smart phone covers, lunch boxes, and plates. On this page, you will find all our unique 3D blank products, our highly efficient 3D oven, 3D foil, and all the essential accessories needed to successfully create a 3D sublimated product.

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3D Sublimation Fork

Products to print all around

Technotape International is the sublimation wholesaler with a wide range of printable items and hardware. With us you will find everything for 3D sublimation, among other things. This allows you to print items all around, even round corners!

3D Sublimation Oven

The unique 3D Sublimation Oven is designed and produced by Technotape itself. Thanks to the product drawer you can safely and easily place and remove products in the oven. And the clear display clearly shows the status. Once the process is complete, the drawer opens automatically at exactly the right time. This makes the 3D Oven a user-friendly device!

Soon Technotape will launch the 3D Sublimation Oven Pro. This allows you to sublimate larger products, such as shoes and shin guards!

Sublimate blanks in 3D

Here you will find all kinds of 3D sublimation items. From phone cases and bumpers for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to plates and cutlery.

Production mold and 3D Foil

To sublimate 3D products you need a matching production mold and 3D foil. The production jig keeps the product neat and the foil perfectly positioned. The heat-sensitive 3D foil with the print draws a vacuum around the product. This heat and pressure transfer the ink to the coating of the product.