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Blog 5 Sublimatie Artikelen voor een Creatief Koningsdag Design

5 Sublimation Items for Creative King's Day Designs

It's that time again - King's Day is approaching, and the Netherlands is gearing up for a day full of festivities in honor of King Willem-Alexander. As a business, this is the perfect moment to expand your range with unique and custom-made King's Day items. In this blog, we explore some creative ideas to transform your sublimation items into festive and royal masterpieces. Let's discover together how you can enchant your customers with our King's Day collection.

Discover our collection of keychains and tags!

Most of our Unisub keychains and luggage- & bag-tags are made of the same glossy white aluminum, which is suitable for sublimation on both sides. They also share the same look: no decorative borders or chains, which make them appear very sleek, modern, and minimalistic. They are offered in round-, rectangular-, square-, hexagon- and heart-shaped. Also, we have a dog-bone shape, which is super cute as a dog-tag! As an exception of our other Unisub sublimation keychains and tags, we offer a Unisub rectangular keychain made from natural wood, which has a natural, rustic look.  
If you like a bit more embellishment, we have a range of silver-bordered keychains for you, like this rectangular sublimation keychain. You can personalize the keychain by sublimating the rectangular, white aluminum sheet in a flat transfer press. Afterwards, you stick the sheet to the keychain with the double-sided tape. We offer silver-bordered keychains in round-, rectangular-, oval-, t-shirt- and heart-shapes. This patterned heart-shaped keychain is extra special and perfect for valentines!  
If you like black, we have leather keychains for you to match your style. They use the same sublimation process as our silver-bordered keychains.