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    You can personalize these sublimation items through the sublimation printing technique. Discover our extensive range with various sublimation items of different materials! From the stylish, durable stainless steel thermos to the classic: the sublimation ceramic mug. You will also find photo tiles, mouse pads and slippers, phone cases and flip cases. But also textiles made of polyester, cotton and even soft polylinen.

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11oz Mug Packaging Box White
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Sublimation Enamel Mug 12oz White
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Sublimation Tin - 198 x 128 x 50 mm

Printing blank sublimation products

Technotape International is the sublimation wholesaler with a wide range of blank sublimation products. With us you will find high-quality printable products of various materials and brands that you can personalize by sublimating them.

Wide range of printable items

From the popular sublimation mugs to printable thermoses and phone cases, Technotape has a wide range of sublimation products that you can personalize for any moment or occasion.

The range of ceramic sublimation items varies from the popular white mug in various shapes and sizes to colored sublimation mugs and glitter mugs. Even a magic heat-sensitive mug that changes color! But you will also find kitchen & tableware, tiles and magnets here. And there are glass items that you can print. Such as the mason jar, cutting board, glass beer mug and the 29 cm clock.

Printed textiles remain popular. When choosing textiles for sublimation printing, it is important that you choose 100% polyester material. Then you can print it razor sharp and in full color. Guaranteed photorealistic results. Technotape offers different types of textiles that are suitable for sublimation. From T-shirts, pillows, towels and a beach towel to socks, fleece blankets and bags.

You can also sublimate rubber products. These items all have a soft top layer of 100% white polyester, making them suitable for sublimation. Such as flip flops, a mouse pad, doormat and coasters. And sturdy plastic items with a transparent polymer coating. Such as phone cases for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Or a lunch box and a bag tag for travelling.

Nowadays you can also print on wood by sublimation. In the sublimation range of Technotape you will find wooden sublimation items with a transparent polymer coating. Such as Unisub products, wooden panels and awards.

Do you want to respond to the increasing demand for sustainability? Then you can combine this excellently with personalizing items such as stainless steel drinks. Such as a sublimation thermos flask, cup or wine glass made of stainless steel. The high-quality aluminum photo panels from ChromaLuxe are also an indispensable addition to your range.