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3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven

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3D Vacuum Sublimation Oven

The 3D Vacuum Sublimation Oven simplifies sublimating curved products like phone cases, childeren cutlery, and plates. Its efficient design, aided by jigs, ensures secure prints during sublimation. With automatic operation and sustainability features like a click-a-jig system and low power usage, it offers fast, eco-friendly production.

Compact size to print phone cases, cutlery, and plates

Includes baseplate and jig-pins

Efficient heat distribution

3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven

The 3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven offers 3D printing for various items like shoes, shin guards, and bicycle bells. With improved features and a larger size, it provides flexibility and high-quality results. Designed and made in the Netherlands, it includes an adjustable baseplate and a click-a-jig system for versatile printing options, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Large size for printing multiple products

Includes baseplate, 3 adjustable trays, and jig-pins

Perfect heat distribution

"I am proud of our unique product, the 3D Sublimation Oven. It is currently the only oven on the market capable of fully sublimating various 3D-shaped products of high quality. This advanced technology opens the door to countless creative possibilities and offers our customers an unparalleled level of customization and quality."

- Product Manager

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Discover the power of precision and efficiency with our range of cutting-edge sublimation ovens, including the innovative 3D Sublimation Oven. Designed to optimize your production workflow, these ovens ensure consistent heat distribution and temperature control, resulting in superior printing quality and vibrant colors.

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3D Vacuum Sublimation Oven
3D Oven for Sublimation With the 3D sublimation oven, you can sublimate products with curves easily. Some of the products are phone cases and tablet covers as well as plates. You can work very fast and efficiently with this 3D sublimation oven. And thanks to the accessories – jigs – , you can be certain that the print on the foil will stay in place on the product throughout the sublimation process. Once the sublimation process has completed, the product is ready. The 3D oven drawer opens automatically. Additionally, the 3D sublimation oven is a sustainable choice. Because of the click-a-jig system, you will have more flexibility when making 3D phone cases. This system allows you to produce different products in this 3D oven. In addition to that, the oven has low power usage and is silent thanks to the built-in vacuum pump. Including 3D sublimation oven 1-year factory warranty base plate 8 jig-pins
3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven
The 3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven is a unique product in the market, setting itself apart by adding a three-dimensional dimension to all your sublimation prints. With this 3d sublimation oven, you can print complex products, even reaching those hard-to-reach corners. Examples of products that can be printed with this oven include shoes, shin guards, bicycle bells, phone cases, plates and cutlery The 3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven is the successor to our 3D Vacuum Sublimation Oven. The main differences are the larger size, improved features and performance, and perfect heat distribution for flawless print results. Due to the larger size and the option to position the base plate on three levels, this oven offers more flexibility in the types of products you can create. For example, the larger size allows you to produce more phone cases at one time. Our 3D Sublimation Ovens are designed in Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, and are expertly manufactured at the same location. In the set, we provide the necessary base plate, including 3 adjustable trays, to be used depending on the products you want to produce. Thanks to the flexible click-a-jig system, this oven is incredibly versatile and suitable for various types of 3D Sublimation Products. It is energy-efficient and productive, saving both time and resources. With the 3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven, you can place and print your material flawlessly, consistently delivering high-quality results. Specifications: Type: 3D PRO Vacuum Sublimation Oven Origin: Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands Warranty: 1 Year Factory Warranty Jig Pins: 8 or more (depending on the set) Energy Efficiency: Yes Heat Distribution: Perfectly even