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Blog 5 Sublimatie Artikelen voor een Creatief Koningsdag Design

5 Sublimation Items for Creative King's Day Designs

It's that time again - King's Day is approaching, and the Netherlands is gearing up for a day full of festivities in honor of King Willem-Alexander. As a business, this is the perfect moment to expand your range with unique and custom-made King's Day items. In this blog, we explore some creative ideas to transform your sublimation items into festive and royal masterpieces. Let's discover together how you can enchant your customers with our King's Day collection.

Sawgrass and Epson sublimation ink

Experience exceptional sublimation printing with Sawgrass and Epson inks. These renowned brands offer ink solutions for various printers, ensuring outstanding results. Sawgrass, a dedicated sublimation printing provider, offers SubliJet inks known for vibrant colors and precise details. Whether using Virtuoso SG500, SG1000, SG400, SG800, or VJ 628 printers, Sawgrass inks bring designs to life. Sawgrass also offers ink solutions for its Ricoh line: Ricoh Aficio GXe 3300N, Ricoh Aficio GXe 7700N, Ricoh Aficio GXe 3110DN and Ricoh Aficio GXe 7100DN.

Epson, a well-established brand, provides sublimation inks that balance color quality and longevity. We offer ink for the Epson 4450 and Sure Color SC-F series. Compatible with design software and updated printer drivers, Epson ensures a seamless printing experience.

Sawgrass focuses on desktop-sized printers for small to medium-sized businesses, while Epson offers a wider product range for diverse needs and budgets. Unleash creativity with Sawgrass and Epson inks, and create stunning sublimation prints that captivate and inspire. Discover the endless possibilities of sublimation printing today.