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Blog 5 Sublimatie Artikelen voor een Creatief Koningsdag Design

5 Sublimation Items for Creative King's Day Designs

It's that time again - King's Day is approaching, and the Netherlands is gearing up for a day full of festivities in honor of King Willem-Alexander. As a business, this is the perfect moment to expand your range with unique and custom-made King's Day items. In this blog, we explore some creative ideas to transform your sublimation items into festive and royal masterpieces. Let's discover together how you can enchant your customers with our King's Day collection.

Discover our sublimation product range for important occasions!

Within our range of sublimation products for important moments, we have drinkware such as mugs, water bottles, and drinking bottles that are perfect gifts for a birthday, a parent on Father's or Mother's Day, and for the Back2School moment. For instance, the magical black sublimation mug is perfect for a birthday, and the sublimation thermos bottle is the perfect companion for the first week of school! 

In addition to the magical mug, we offer a mug with a heart-shaped handle, which is suitable for occasions like Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day! You can sublimate a personal photo or text on it to make it a special gift! 

Our sublimation puzzle is also a versatile product in our holiday assortment. It's perfect for important moments because a puzzle brings the whole family together around the table. The sublimation puzzle is even more fun because you can sublimate a personal photo on it to puzzle together with family. 

With a festive design, our cushion instantly sets the mood for holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Mother's Day. We also have photo panels and sublimation ornaments to decorate your home during holidays!