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Blog 5 Sublimatie Artikelen voor een Creatief Koningsdag Design

5 Sublimation Items for Creative King's Day Designs

It's that time again - King's Day is approaching, and the Netherlands is gearing up for a day full of festivities in honor of King Willem-Alexander. As a business, this is the perfect moment to expand your range with unique and custom-made King's Day items. In this blog, we explore some creative ideas to transform your sublimation items into festive and royal masterpieces. Let's discover together how you can enchant your customers with our King's Day collection.

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Currently, we offer various thermos water bottles from our extensive range of drinkware on sale. These water bottles are perfect for on-the-go, and our bear-ear water bottle is a unique product that's super fun for kids! This unique product will disappear quickly, so seize the opportunity to get it now! 

We also have sublimation phone cases for the iPhone 11 on sale. We regularly update our range of sublimation phone cases as new phones are typically introduced quickly. However, this case still boasts a modern look and is perfect for an iPhone user! 

In the textile category, we now have a white and orange sublimation beach tote bag and various white and black children's T-shirts on sale. These products are made of cotton, allowing you to sublimate your own design. You can check our textile product range to see which new products will replace these bags and T-shirts! 

For children, we also have several plush stuffed animals from our Toy & Plush assortment on sale. These adorable stuffed animals will disappear quickly, so don't miss your chance!