Black sublimation ink SubliJet HD for Virtuoso SG800

The black SubliJet HD sublimation ink prints realistic and sharp colors with the sublimation printer Virtuoso SG800. The Sublijet-HD inks are suitable for printing designs for various polymer coated materials such as aluminum, ceramics, polyester materials, plastic, and glass.

The combination of this sublimation ink with the SUBPREME sublimation transfer paper and our sublimation blank products is a cost-efficient solution. Since the ink and paper are matched, the result is a larger color range of up to 26%. The colors are incredibly clear, and the contours are razor sharp.

To get the most of your printer and ink, the Sublijet-HD inks from Sawgrass are packed in vacuum-packed cartridges. This prevents air or dust particles from entering the ink that can affect the internal system of your sublimation printer. With the closed ink system, you have less downtime and more productivity. You will also have a clean printer and optimal printing results.


  • sublimation ink
  • SubliJet HD
  • black
  • 75 ml
  • sealed cartridge
  • up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Sawgrass Ink
  • Virtuoso SG800

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