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ChromaLuxe sublimation photo panel matte clear

This ChromaLuxe photo panel is made of lightweight, matte aluminum. This panel is environmentally friendly as it is made of 100% recycled aluminum, and can be fully recycled again. The photo panel has a transparent polymer coating which makes it suitable for sublimation.

The brushed aluminum is visible in places where the print is actually white to light grey. This provides a unique finish. The matte coating gives a luxurious look and prevents reflections. This makes the photo panel perfect for artworks and photography. Both for professional use and at home!

Additionally, the high-quality photo panel is scratch, heat, and water resistant and it does not rust. Keeping this panel clean is no hazzle!


  • photo panel
  • ChromaLuxe
  • aluminium
  • matte clear
  • suitable for sublimation
  • 300 x 400 x 1,14 mm

Product details

Product number: CL.3106
Base material: Aluminium
Colour: White
Finish: Clear
Category: Sublimation Blanks, Wall Arts & Signage, Aluminium Photo Panels, Matte Clear

Product quantities

Order per:


Package quantity:


Box quantity: 10



190 (C) / 374 (F)


180 seconds




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